Zahkor, Remembering our Ancestors
Kale, Brides Procession
Khosn, Groom’s Procession
Rewriting Deuteronomy
Postmodern Jewish Wedding

Khosn, Groom’s Procession

We felt that it was important and crucial to integrate the Torah into our processionals both as a marker of our Jewish inheritance and our interpellation as Jewish subjects. The goal was to embody this sacred scripture and scroll as a new media form via video projection and our own moving bodies. In this way, the Torah was animated in space and time and transmogrified via video projection. Louis’ projection was a fast forward montage of random Biblical passages. Instead of the usual wedding choreography where the bride and groom ascend to the altar without a pause, we turned around at the end of the aisle to face our friends and family in order to mark the performative nature of this ritual. The Hebrew text washed over us as we faced the projection. When we faced the audience a text was also projected onto the Chuppah for each of us. Louis chose a text from Edmond Jabes’ Book of Questions that has special meaning for him as a self-questioning Jew.